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Jody Weatherstone

Soma: Cell

Voce: Voice

Our voices are the expression of our deepest cellular experience. Our voices reach into our cells to express our truth and to heal our individual wounds. Soma Voce is cellular vocal healing using the entire body, breath, and voice.


September 27, October 4, October 11


Ground Expand Ascend

A three-week commitment using the power of the breath along with music, journaling, and essential oils to dig deep, open our hearts, and ascend beyond our limiting conditioned beliefs. Participants will create 3 oils to take home to support ongoing personal growth.

Sunstone Sanctuary | Blooming Grove NY

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Saturday September 30


Beyond Pranayama: Transformative Breathwork

Moon and Wind | Warwick, NY

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Saturday, September 16


Breathwork and Sound Healing 

with L.Vincent Colandrea

Vastu | Warwick

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Saturday October 19


Beyond Pranayama: Transformative Breathwork

Vastu | Warwick

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Wednesday October 25


Vocal Health for Anyone with a Voice

A workshop co-taught with Ashley Miller, LMT 

Learn exercises, tools and self-care massage techniques for vocal health and freedom. No experience necessary!

Moon and Wind Studios  | Warwick NY

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Every person who walks into my studio is a unique individual. I approach singing from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration all the life experience that each person carries with them. My goal is to help each student find their own voice through breath, balance, resonance, and interpretation.



Jody Weatherstone is a classical vocalist, yogi, and vocal toning and breathwork facilitator. Her versatility and flexibility as a singer and actress have led her to perform in a wide range of genres, from musical theater to oratorio, singing music by composers from Bach, Handel, and Faure to Barber, Gershwin, and Sondheim. Jody's vibrant and refined soprano has been reviewed with enthusiasm throughout the New York region. In 2011, she recorded a live performance of Samuel Barber’s Knoxville Summer of 1915, orchestrated for her by jazz pianist Richard Kimball.

A life long interest in embodying the mind, voice, and spirit connection, Jody began her personal yoga practice in 1996.

Her practice has grown and shifted over the years, at first paralleling her singing and teaching career, and gradually merging as she became more and more called to the creative healing arts. Jody’s participation in Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesinging retreat was a pivotal event in Jody’s own vocal journey. In 2019, Jody founded Soma Voce, offering classes and private sessions that incorporate vocal toning, improvisation, gentle movement, and breathwork to assist her clients in releasing stuck energy and connecting with their intuition and personal power. Owning and embracing her own empathic and highly sensitive nature has been her greatest gift as a teacher, facilitator, and artist. 

Jody completed her undergraduate education at New York University with a degree in Voice and Theatre and her Master of Arts from Teachers College at Columbia University in clinical psychology with a concentration in Spirituality Mind Body Practices. Her Master’s thesis, titled “A Singer’s Journey,” examines singing as a healing modality. Post-graduate study includes her certification in Vocology from the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah. Jody is a Level II Reiki practitioner, is certified in Somatic Voicework (The LoVetri Method), and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012 from Vastu. She has also completed levels 1-5 of David Elliot’s Healer training. Jody maintains a private voice and healing studio with virtual students throughout the US and in-person in Warwick, NY. Jody is a member of NATS, NYSTA, VASTA and PAVA. 

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