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"Our sense of agency, how much we feel in control, and how that is
defined by our relationship with our bodies and its rhythms... In
order to find our voice, we have to be in our bodies.”


Stand in your greatest power by finding the “I” of your voice and the calm, yet volcanic center of your self.

Through collaborative leadership, Jody Weatherstone leads participants through a gentle and empowering blend of movement, mindfulness, breath, and sounding for those seeking to release self-judgment and access their creative authenticity through self-awareness and expression.

This work is ideal for those who wish to speak with confidence, connection, and intention, cultivating powerful communication and presentation both personally and professionally.

Soma Voce class

[This class] has not only positively affected my personal life, but my work as well. I am finding projecting my voice to be more natural, and I am able to speak with confidence. The class is empowering and grounding, and I am learning to carry this presence with me throughout the day, at work and at home.  - A.W. 


Deeply ingrained habitual use of our bodies keeps us from reaching our potential. We all have more grace and strength than we use on a daily basis.

Intentional movement and deliberate practice lead to the ultimate goal of automatic competence.




The breath is the only physiological function that is both voluntary and involuntary. It is a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. In martial arts, one of the core components is the understanding that power comes from breath, not from physical force.

The deepest well of our power and creativity awaits beneath our conscious mind and our breath is the way in.




Singing is a basic human right and means of expression, communication, protest, worship, and celebration. We speak with tone, inflection, rhythm, and dynamic every day using our voices as our primary means of communication. Contrary to the current cultural notion perpetuated by reality shows and professional performers that only a few have innate ability, all people can sing and have since the beginning of civilization.

We don’t sing because we are happy. We are happy because we sing!



Soma Voce class, workshop, and retreat participants:

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Jody Weatherstone is a classical vocalist, yogi, and voice teacher. Her fascination with the body, mind, spirit connection led her to create this class which combines her extensive background as a classical soprano and her yoga practice. Jody has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2012, as well as completing the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course at the Krame Center at Ramapo College. She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), the New York Singing Teachers Association (NYSTA), and the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA).


Jody created Soma Voce to empower others in a way that allows them to stand in their own truth and presence. The response to her work is often emotional, as those who experience it are frequently reconnected with themselves in a meaningful and revitalizing way.

Educational Workshops


The Soma Voce Educational Workshops are interactive, experiential sessions that can be customized for your needs. High Schools, Choral Groups, and Community Organizations are some of who have benefitted. An educational workshop combines active participation with presentational explanation of the mechanics and scientific functioning of the human voice, leading to a greater understanding of the body-mind connection in vocal production. Participants are led in gentle breathing, sounding, and movement as a group and gain fact-based knowledge to enhance their confidence and skills.


Corporate and Business Workshops


The Soma Voce Corporate Workshops are interactive, experiential sessions that can be customized for your needs. Team building, Creative development, and Presentations and Sales are all areas that benefit from this work. Participants are up on their feet, moving, breathing, and sounding in safe, yet exploratory ways. Understanding the connection between the mind, body, and voice is more than intellectual: it is deeply personal and somatic, meaning it lives in the body. Participants will leave with a sense of empowerment and freedom around their voices and an increased confidence and ability to tap into their innate creativity and personal power.

More Praise for Jody and Soma Voce


“Last year I was dealing with high anxiety, and this class really helped me stay present in the moment and not focus too much on the future. The class also continues to help me with my breath support when I sing.”  - O.P.

"You would be so great on TV - Like the female version of Fred Rogers...so calming, positive and loving! The world needs more Jodys!! - Carlise


"[Jody’s] breathing technique focused on the entire body and the benefit of the power of our voice. Jody was a breath of fresh air to my practice that was in need of a refresher.  I encourage everyone to try a class. I am very glad I did." - Antoinette


"Dear Jody, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude and thanks for the unique classes that you have created. You are such a wonderful teacher and create a safe space for your students to explore, move, vocalize, and experiment. I feel more comfortable with my voice and I find myself really looking forward to your next class, and I am filled with excitement, curiosity, and relief to have found a space to share movement and voice with a group. Thank you so very much!”