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6:00 - 7:00pm

Breathwork - Weekly Class

Hudson Suraya Yoga Studio | Campbell Hall, NY

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Using her keen intuition and sensitivity, Jody Weatherstone leads participants through gentle and empowering blends of movement, mindfulness, breathwork, and vocal toning. No two Soma Voce sessions are ever quite the same as, Jody responds in the moment to what shows up. She creates a safe and nurturing environment where clients are able to release self-judgment, tune into their own healing power, free up blocked energy, and access their creative authenticity through self-awareness and expression.

Soma Voce class

[This class] has not only positively affected my personal life, but my work as well. I am finding projecting my voice to be more natural, and I am able to speak with confidence. The class is empowering and grounding, and I am learning to carry this presence with me throughout the day, at work and at home.  - A.W. 


Deeply ingrained habitual use of our bodies keeps us from reaching our potential. We all have more grace and strength than we use on a daily basis.

Intentional movement and deliberate practice lead to the ultimate goal of automatic competence.




The breath is the only physiological function that is both voluntary and involuntary. It is a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

Breathwork is an active meditation that includes a number of different controlled breathing practices. Through rhythmic, intentional breathing, one can move stuck energy in the body, releasing emotions and limiting stories. With gentle support and guidance, the breath may be used to connect and release energy throughout the body, leading to clarity, insight, and heightened intuition.

The deepest well of our power and creativity awaits beneath our conscious mind and our breath is the way in.




Singing is a basic human right and means of expression, communication, protest, worship, and celebration. We speak with tone, inflection, rhythm, and dynamic every day using our voices as our primary means of communication. Contrary to the current cultural notion perpetuated by reality shows and professional performers that only a few have innate ability, all people can sing and have since the beginning of civilization.

We don’t sing because we are happy. We are happy because we sing!



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Soma Voce class, workshop, and retreat participants:

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Jody Weatherstone is a classical vocalist, yogi, voice teacher, and breathwork facilitator. Her fascination with the body, mind, spirit connection led her to create this class which combines her extensive background as a classical soprano and her yoga and breathwork practices. Using vocal toning, improvisation, and breathwork, Jody guides her clients toward their innate intuition and self-healing abilities. 


Jody created Soma Voce to empower others in a way that allows them to stand in their own truth and presence. The response to her work is often emotional, as those who experience it are frequently reconnected with themselves in a meaningful and revitalizing way.


Jody is an EMPA Insured Practitioner.

Read EMPA's Code of Ethics here

Vocal Toning and Healing Breathwork


Vocal toning is a form of sound healing, using the vibrations of one’s own voice for therapeutic and meditative purposes. Breathwork is an active meditation using controlled rhythmic breathing to move energy through the body. Breathwork has the potential to go very deep, releasing stuck emotions and stories from the body and even taking the breather to a higher state of consciousness. It is safe and controlled by the individual so they can go to the depth with which  they are comfortable. Breathwork in combination with vocal toning is a powerful means to self-discovery, self-expression, and personal growth.


Private sessions, small, and large group facilitation available.

Educational Workshops


The Soma Voce Educational Workshops are interactive, experiential sessions that can be customized for your needs. High Schools, Choral Groups, and Community Organizations are some of who have benefitted. An educational workshop combines active participation with presentational explanation of the mechanics and scientific functioning of the human voice, leading to a greater understanding of the body-mind connection in vocal production. Participants are led in gentle breathing, sounding, and movement as a group and gain fact-based knowledge to enhance their confidence and skills.

More Praise for Jody and Soma Voce


“Last year I was dealing with high anxiety, and this class really helped me stay present in the moment and not focus too much on the future. The class also continues to help me with my breath support when I sing.”  - O. P.

"You would be so great on TV - Like the female version of Fred calming, positive and loving! The world needs more Jodys!! - Carlise


"[Jody’s] breathing technique focused on the entire body and the benefit of the power of our voice. Jody was a breath of fresh air to my practice that was in need of a refresher.  I encourage everyone to try a class. I am very glad I did." - Antoinette


"Dear Jody, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude and thanks for the unique classes that you have created. You are such a wonderful teacher and create a safe space for your students to explore, move, vocalize, and experiment. I feel more comfortable with my voice and I find myself really looking forward to your next class, and I am filled with excitement, curiosity, and relief to have found a space to share movement and voice with a group. Thank you so very much!”

“Jody is an incredible teacher. She led our group in a couple of vocal exercises that allowed us to access more joy than I’ve felt in years. Her ability to lead and care for the group is something I’ll always remember. If you’re looking to experience JOY with a powerful teacher, look no further.”

- Danielle G

“When I started class with Jody, I thought I would learn to improve my singing voice. I definitely have, but I’ve also learned to use my speaking voice and my heart voice authentically, clearly and much more kindly than I have in the past. Jody is a wonder and time spent with her is calming as well as invigorating. I can’t recommend her enough!” - Roberta D.

“Working with Jody has changed my life for the better. The breath and vocal work has helped me deal with the stresses of the pandemic. Not only that, it has helped reduce my asthma symptoms. The vocal work also has greatly increased my confidence in singing, especially in my choir and chorale. Thank you, Jody, for all you have done for me! I am so grateful. You are a wonderful person and teacher. I highly recommend her classes.” - Laurie K.

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