Teaching Philosophy

Every person who walks into my studio is a unique individual. I approach singing from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration all the life experience that each person carries with them. My goal is to help each student find their own voice through breath, balance, resonance and interpretation. I believe that good technique is developed through consistent practice as any athletic undertaking is, and singing is an athletic event!  Singing is freeing, empowering and most of all fun!  I endeavor to make each lesson challenging and inspiring and entirely tailored to the student’s individual needs and desires.  I accept students at all levels, teenagers through adults.


I have been teaching voice privately for the past 10 years, and I hold the following certifications and training:


Distingushied Voice Professional, NYSTA

Certified in Somatic Voicework, The LoVetri Method

Member of NATS and NYSTA

Meisner Technique, The Acting Studio

BA Voice and Theatre, New York University

Yoga teacher training (200 hour)

NYU Summer Vocal Pedagogy Intensive

OperaWorks Winter Intensive Program

Reiki Level II practitioner


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"Working with Jody in the performance of my new music along with Samuel Barber's, I found her to be among the most professional and pleasurable to work with singers I've ever known.   Her versatility - to be able to sing one moment in a classical sound with great diction, pitch and warmth and in the next,  to convert to an instrumental approach blending with the ensemble - I found to be extraordinary." 


Richard Kimball - Pianist and composer 




"I have worked with Jody Weatherstone many times over the years as director and collaborator.  Jody has a captivating voice and is always very professional, well prepared, good on stage, and a fine interpreter, plus she is always down right fun to work with."


Dr. Jim Blanton

Director Emeritus: the Goliard Ensemble, Delaware Valley Opera,

Warwick Music Festival




"A beautiful voice is a special gift.  When you or your child has this gift, you want to learn how to use it well, to protect it, utilize it to its full potential and most of all share that gift.  There is no one else in our region whom I admire more as a vocal performer and vocal teacher.  I can personally say, that my daughter is successfully learning how to use her gift of voice through Jody's skillful training.  Jody has the experience and wisdom to guide and teach voice and I fully trust her judgement in helping my daughter realize the full potential of her gift."


Kathy - Newburgh, NY




"Jody Weatherstone has taught 3 of my children voice, and has been working with the younger two for 5 years. Jody has been able to bring out the best in them, always choosing audition songs that demonstrate the best of who they are as vocalists. Jody has greatly increased my son's range. As puberty pulled his voice down to his toes, she has helped him stretch it back to once again include notes that I thought for sure were lost to him. But most of all, Jody shares her love and joy of voice. With her warmth and ready smile, she pushes them to be their best, helping them believe in themselves!" 


Carol - Warwick, NY




"Although I have only been working with Miss Jody for a year, she has become one of the most important people in my life. She is so much more than just a voice teacher to me. I love my lessons with her and I can't wait to keep learning all that she has to teach!"


Gaby - Monroe NY




"Jody possesses a vast knowledge of the voice and body.  Her systematic approach to developing a healthy, natural sound, combined with her wonderful artistic sensibility makes her an invaluable teacher.  Through working with Jody over the past year, I have developed a stronger and more resonant singing voice.  I have also increased my range by learning to sing with far less effort.  While I am always amazed by her ability to seamlessly integrate pedagogy and musicality, I am most grateful for her continued encouragement and support.  Jody is truly invested in her students."


Lindsay - Chester NY




“As I got older I was forced to realize that my voice was starting to weaken. My singing voice would falter, and when speaking I was beginning to sound like an old lady. Perhaps singing lessons would help? The results were absolutely amazing. My singing range has increased remarkably and the tone and timbre has improved beyond my wildest hopes. Even my speaking voice has regained its former strength and resonance. The best part is that working with Jody is not work...it's a real pleasure.”


Anne - Blooming Grove, NY




“I have been singing in choirs for nearly 35 years… However, in spite of this rich vocal history, I was clueless as to how to maximize the potential of my voice.  I started lessons with Jody because I am singing on mic in my church praise band and I need to be confident and consistent with my vocals.  In my opinion, Jody is a holistic voice coach.  She engages your whole mind, body and spirit in the lesson.  Along with her vast knowledge and experience, she is gifted with the ability to identify bad habits and clearly communicate creative ways to understand and engage my whole person in the practice of good habits.   In every lesson I discover new potential and gain confidence."


Kristin - Warwick,